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Toronto Van Attack

Fourteen women were killed in Montreal in 1989 because they were women.
At the heart of the incel community lies toxic masculinity.
Instead of saving men from radicalization, Peterson is normalizing their radical views on "enforced monogamy," to the applause of his fans.
Further investigation revealed three other people were also hurt.
"It means we will not give up when we are down."
The neighbourhood I call home is #TorontoStrong
Autism does not typically cause violence or motivate an individual to drive a van into pedestrians on a crowded city street.
Sadly, working at a girls' rights organization means I am all too familiar with terms like "incel" and violent misogyny.
An officer doing what’s promised to the public is not going above and beyond, but rather what should be expected, a bar the TPS often fails to even reach.
"We know that every single faith tradition, and even those who are without faith, believe in giving back and in charity."
We want our children to grow up to be empowered and compassionate problem-solvers, rather than fearful citizens who expect the worst to happen.
In some scenes a van and other vehicles plow through hordes of zombies.
"Members aren't experts at profiling customers."
The coroner's office is being particularly careful to avoid any possible confusion, Ontario's chief coroner says.
Hundreds came out under cloudy skies to honour the victims of Alek Minassian's alleged attack on the city.
Toronto police Const. Ken Lam is being lauded for avoiding lethal force in a tense takedown.
Just because you're authorized to use deadly force doesn't mean you always should.