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The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a fundamentally flawed trade deal that puts much at risk in Canada, with little to offer Canada's economy in return.
This is the first such opportunity since the deal came into effect in 1994, and we are not likely to get another for many years.
Looks like the deal could go ahead without the U.S.
For as much as a government wishes to enact progressive policies, trade agreements -- such as the Canada-EU Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) -- curtail their abilities to redistribute income and legislate for the common interest. These deals are vectors of inequality.
Pfizer has been the subject of controversies relating to its pricing and tax practices.
Canada would be one of the most-affected countries in a Trump-fueled crisis, credit rating agency says.
Renegotiating NAFTA is job one for the Trump administration.
The pressures on Canadian interests abroad will be significant, so long as the United States remains the guarantor of Canadian national security and the major partner in economic prosperity. So what does the U.S. election mean for Canada in the world?
It was one of the world's most ambitious trade deals.