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trudeau liberals

Air Canada's boss hints he wants subsidies for airports while the Trudeau Liberals mull privatizing them.
The first budget delivered by the Liberals signaled a return to 1970s Trudeaupian Liberalism, not just with its flagrant disregard for balanced budgets and ballooning debt, but also by disregarding a core accountability under our Constitution: Canada's military.
During the election, Trudeau promised to run two deficits of up to $10 billion before bringing the country back into black for the 2019-2020 budget.
“If we made a commitment in the election to repeal something, that is our initiative."
There are currently 22 open spots for senators, and the Senate is looking to fill five right away.
The Tory appointments kicked in only after the federal election.
"We had a plan and we stuck with it."
“I think Conservatives have consistently underestimated Justin for years and years and years,” a senior Liberal said.