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There’s a new package delivery service in town.
The ride-sharing platform reveals 235 reports of rape in 2018 alone.
They include the founders of Shopify and Uber.
The company says the situation was a misunderstanding.
We can anticipate a reduction in cars per capita of 20 to 30 per cent in the next decade.
They're encouraging users not to drive while high.
That compensation still amounts to a fraction of what many have lost.
Are organizations incentivized to prioritize our safety, or are they more driven by self-preservation? At times, it can be the latter.
The hack affected data for 57 million customers.
It's available in 4 cities right now.
 Currently the company is being run by committee with oversight from the board.
The company has been under fire over harassment allegations, business practices.
With a ride home at our fingertips, we now expect food, accommodations, even dates via the swipe of a finger, and hundreds of companies around the world have attempted to capitalize on a generation of consumers willing to pay a premium for "right here, right now" service. But after billions of dollars were poured into this hyper-growth industry, we are beginning to see some of these companies surrender. Here's why.
"Toronto has emerged as an important hub of artificial intelligence research ..."
Wow, that's a powerful voice.
Innisfil says traditional transit is too expensive, so it's subsidizing Uber fares instead.
The federal government has set an important precedent by applying the GST and HST to ridesharing services. It has said that such companies are not above the law. Innovation and new ways of doing things are welcome, but breaking the law is not.
"We're not in any way trying to disadvantage people from using Uber."
A former engineer says Uber threatened to fire her for reporting sexual harassment.