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Awarded to her by an anti-poverty group, and she's giving it to a UNICEF organization helping kids in need.
We cannot change what has occurred, but we can try and make 2018 the best year Canada has had in all its history.
The Yemeni people are strong, but even the strongest among us can sometimes use the outstretched hand of a stranger.
We are lacking in all aspects of youth wellness, including everything from physical health and nutrition, to spiritual health and level of happiness.
The way we communicate with the outside world is holding us back.
With another school year upon us, why not take this time to reflect on the well-being of Canadian children and youth?
Thousands of children are unaccompanied and defenceless, and some are deeply disturbed by the violence they have witnessed.
"I was a little girl when I came from Syria, I was 11 years old and just thinking about toys; now I have grown up."
Cheap, highly processed, energy-dense foods may fill empty stomachs, but their nutritional meagerness does little to satisfy basic dietary needs.
I was in Grade 8 when I was forced to leave school, after fighting started in my village in eastern rural Aleppo.