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Workers have been picketing for two months after being locked out by management.
Tories are accusing Liberals of seeking to "rig the next election."
The union is adding fuel to its anti-Conservative reputation.
The fall economic statement is expected to include help for the struggling news industry.
They say the airline has a "toxic" work environment at sites across the country.
"There is shockingly little judicial review or due process in establishing and approving the list of websites being blocked."
Unifor's latest campaign is a cynical attempt at empire building, when the labour movement can least afford it.
The strength of the labour movement is the ability of workers to set the course of their own bargaining unit
The way to get better deals is to stand together across borderlines and to refuse to be played off against one another.
Cutting pensions is a short-term gain, but it results in long-term pain for many.