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The previous collective bargaining agreement expired in July.
Enshrining the power to organize is a sure way to reverse the trend of shrinking paycheques.
The strike affects the Hyatt Regency, Pinnacle Harbourfront and Westin Bayshore.
Building more oil refineries right here in Canada can help ease the cycle of boom and bust.
History shows how cities across the Great Lakes region, including Oshawa, could be affected by GM's mass auto plant closures.
The Liberals' newly announced supports for media would have no impact on the day-to-day decisions of any working journalist.
The PCs like to portray themselves as the party of the people. What people?
Zero tolerance never makes sense, and no employer has the right to police off-duty conduct.
We have lived with a bad NAFTA deal for a quarter century. It makes no sense to me to repeat that with a new NAFTA.
Scabs steal the chance to help build good jobs in the community, and prolong the pain felt by strikers and their families.
What if the bridge, tunnel, dam or highway came with significant benefits to your community?
When plans for big infrastructure projects roll out, they should be guided by the basic principals of public procurement:competition, fairness and value.
NAFTA strengthens ties between the U.S., Mexico and Canada, but leaves our workers at risk of the destructive anti-trade practices of countries like China.
In 2016, the last year for which figures are available, 905 workers across Canada were killed on the job.
Ford likes to portray himself as out to help the little guy, even though he's a millionaire, running a company he inherited from his wealthy father.
In a desperate effort to cut costs, airlines are doing themselves and their workers a grave disservice.
Unifor's latest campaign is a cynical attempt at empire building, when the labour movement can least afford it.
The strength of the labour movement is the ability of workers to set the course of their own bargaining unit