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United Airlines

The online shopping giant had previously only rented jets.
Major companies are urging employees to avoid travel to the country.
A spokeswoman for United said the airline is conducting a full investigation.
New York performance artist Ventiko says she bought a ticket for the bird so he would have his own seat.
Valentin Duthion has spinal muscular atrophy, and requires his wheelchair to get around.
Canadians and Americans agree on one thing: Airlines suck.
"This strikes me as an an attempt to shield airlines from complaints ..."
In this writer's experience, voters and consumers are forgiving. They are profoundly aware of the tendency of humans to have human failings, being human beings themselves. And, as long as mistakes are not being made all the time they will forgive and forget and move on.
WestJet does it again.
“He was really scared... He kept saying ‘is everything going to be OK?’’’