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The Canadian lockdown experience has ranged from among the most lengthy to among the least.
The results gave Biden more than 270 electoral votes, putting him over the top to secure the White House.
The border has been closed to non-essential travel since March.
We're nowhere near ready to get back to normal, but on that front, we're not alone during this coronavirus crisis.
The move comes after the WHO declared a public health emergency.
The document says White House officials were "deeply disturbed."
Mike Pence could take over as U.S. president in one scenario.
Joaquin Guzman, 62, escaped maximum-security facilities twice.
Pelosi was quick to fire back, writing, “Who wants to tell him?”  This year’s main event in Las Vegas, titled “Power to the
The suspect had a $25,000 reward on his head.
I don't know about you, but I have no desire to wake up one morning and find that Kevin O'Leary, Canada's version of Donald Trump, is our new prime minister. If you're not taking him seriously, you should be.
“I think this was one of the more scripted summits in recent history."
The Canadian PM has long ducked invitations to directly criticize Trump.
At the time they were phased out, pennies cost the Canadian Mint 1.6 cents to produce. Doesn't make much cents, does it? Getting rid of them ended up saving taxpayers up to $11 million a year, which is advantageous.
But when it comes to economic plans...
Back when the primaries kicked off, the trolls found a common hero in Trump. Someone on the outside the norm of the establishment, someone not taken seriously. Someone himself a master at getting reactions from making a single statement. I mean, that's the whole purpose of trolling, isn't it? Get people defensive and engage them to react with real emotions and sincerity.
Ambassadors appointed by Obama have been told to vacate the posts by Inauguration Day.
When I previously discussed why Canadians may be barred from the United States if they admit to smoking marijuana, I did not discuss what options might be available if a Canadian is actually barred by United States Customs and Border Protection ("USCBP") based on criminal grounds. I will now address this issue.
How will Donald Trump's America affect Canadian film and TV shows? OK -- that probably sounds like the weirdest angle on