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"You have a responsibility towards the youth of today, for God’s sake,” one comment reads.
Hopefully, by unlearning some of the myths surrounding female bodies, we can encourage sexual experiences that are mutually satisfying.
Focusing on a singular type of sex can cheapen the significance of relationships or sexual experiences that occur outside of these narrow parameters.
Carrie's clever lawyer, knew exactly how to manipulate the reverence for virginity within early 20th century Canada. When two doctors attested during the murder trial that Carrie's hymen was intact, he knew that this catapulted her onto the high moral ground. Far from being either a murderer or a "fallen angel," she was a victim.
I've had only two sexual partners in my life and being diagnosed with abnormal cervical cells doesn't feel like the best way to be repaid. Women are constantly being shamed about their bodies and how they use them and to think even a lack of proper usage can result in the same shame and disconcerted feelings about female sexuality.
We place an awful lot of importance on our first time. We pick apart how old we were and how long we'd been with whomever
Turns out true love might be worth the wait. At least these are the findings in a new study by psychological scientist Paige