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Voter Turnout

Experts say it would boost voter turnout — and not just in the youth vote.
A new grassroots movement is striving to get millennials to vote on a scale never seen before.
We decided early on that, while we would of course ensure we had messaging towards youth across the country, and support young campaigners in constituencies nationwide, our focus had to be tailored to where we could be most effective. We decided to focus our efforts organizing constituencies with campuses.
Life just got in the way.
The Liberals led by Trudeau have a lot work ahead of them, but their surprising victory may not be the upset we all thought it was. When you combine a growing need for change with a fresh, newer face, who brings a positive, unifying and consistent message, we can see how the red wave momentum was waiting for us. Perhaps many of us did not see it because this election fired up many negative emotions and divisiveness. However, most Canadians saw right through that. The people of Canada were the one who lit the fire and fanned the flames across the country on election night.
Way to go!
Friendly reminder: 39 per cent of eligible Canadians chose "no one" in the last federal election.
Or sleeping in on a Saturday. And that's so politicians know what the country really wants. They've all supported politicians
These people are dropping everything, EVERYTHING to vote.