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wage gap

Moms' participation in the workforce is falling sharply, but the same isn't happening with dads.
A government analysis discovered that progress on the gender wage gap has not improved since the 1990s.
Racialized groups, immigrants and young people in Canada's largest city are disproportionately impacted by income inequality, according to a new, eye-opening report by United Way.
Kids may not be learning the right lessons from their first jobs.
Many new moms say it's no surprise that their income goes down while fathers' salaries go up.
There is no reason today why women on average should be making less money than men.
If it keeps going like this, Canada will be transformed, and not for the better, warns a Dalhousie prof.
The standing committee report includes 86 recommendations for changes.
The gender wage gap is a product of many phenomena, and pay equity alone cannot alleviate all those differences.