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wealth inequality

Canada faces the spectre of "the greatest increase in inequality on record" amid soaring investments and disappearing jobs, Oxfam says.
"We need a comprehensive rewriting of the rules of the economy."
The rich really are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer.
Surprise! The wealthiest Canadians are getting rich faster than the rest of us!
Death taxes are a bad way to raise revenue, while causing major, detrimental side effects to the economy.
The majority of Canada's current wealthiest families didn't earn their fortunes, but had them passed down, from as far back as six generations.
Millennials are unlikely to attain their parents' level of wealth, report finds.
"Once a fortune is accumulated or acquired it develops a momentum of its own."
That brings their total worth up to $4.4 trillion.
There are more than a million millionaires in Canada today.