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website blocking

Consumer advocates fear a new era of web censorship.
Company accused of “astroturfing” CRTC hearings.
Hundreds of thousands of Canadian jobs are at risk from piracy, a new coalition argues.
A proposed agency tasked with censoring piracy websites would have no judicial oversight, a critic warns.
Canada's largest telco wants tougher new copyright laws written into NAFTA.
The prospect of considering expanded blocking for copyright purposes validates the fears of civil liberties groups that the introduction of blocking requirements invariably expands to cover a wider net of content. Canadian copyright was already on track for a boisterous debate in the coming years with changes such as copyright term extension mandated by the Trans Pacific Partnership and a review of the law scheduled for 2017. If government officials envision adding VPN usage, access to U.S. Netflix and website blocking to the list of issues, copyright could emerge as one of the government's most difficult and controversial issues.