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The laureates helped develop a wireless world, the committee said.
Only Iceland and Norway perform more quickly on mobile, a report says.
Major competitors are against the idea of being forced to lease their networks in a bid to reduce prices for consumers.
But all our big cities are doing pretty well.
"The digital divide is unacceptable."
People aren't impressed with Rogers and Bell.
Canada's wireless market just isn't competitive enough, critics say.
Canada ranks behind Poland, ahead of Chile on mobile subscriptions.
As the CEO of a Product testing company, I'm always on the lookout for products that are as practical as they are stylish (whenever possible) to satisfy both me and my kids. I totally get that spending hours researching what is hot right now might not be an option for most, so I have taken the guesswork out of it I've compiled a list of some of the products I am most excited about for Back-to-School.
Canadians aren't aware of a CRTC decision that makes more competition less likely.