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year in review

It was a tough year. But you made it.
Of course we miss concerts, sports, and stress-free hangouts with friends, but believe it or not, we even have FOMO for ... FOMO.
The big pop culture winners of the year include "Transplant," "Emily in Paris," "The Queen’s Gambit" and "Schitt’s Creek."
We pay tribute to Alex Trebek, a prime minister, a rock star, an award-winning actress, and trailblazing athletes.
Zoom lighting techniques, fresh starts, and embracing recipe fails are some of the life tips this beloved comedy gave us in 2020.
There were so many highs ... and a few lows.
The platform's year in review also includes the World Cup and U.S. election.
We're deep enough into the current generation of consoles that developers are focused more on building worlds than figuring out the tech, resulting in some great games.
The year's only saving grace.
If you're like most people (myself included), you probably have areas for improvement, or opportunities for growth you could tackle. A year end review helps you identify the ones that are most important to you. The key to an effective review is asking yourself specific questions and being brutally honest in your answers.
Love is in the air.
Betty White was trending on Twitter and it freaked everyone out.
Bye bye Brangelina.
Yup, KFC "finger lickin' good" nail polish was totally a thing this year.
Bad news: the numbers still aren't good enough.
Gone but not forgotten.