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Youth Mental Health

Help kids of all ages understand we're all in this together.
Indigenous activist Shania Pruden talks about the generational impact.
She wants to prioritize mental health education in schools.
We are lacking in all aspects of youth wellness, including everything from physical health and nutrition, to spiritual health and level of happiness.
It is clear that strenuous efforts need to be made to prevent mental illness as well as to cure it. And here, the universities need to look hard at themselves, and at their part in creating the problems they now seek to solve, for they exercise profound influence over the high school years of the students they admit.
Too short, too tall, flat, too skinny, too fat, too veiny, too short hair, way too long hair, too many piercings, boobs that are too big, too many pimples, too many freckles, too hairy, bad teeth, too much makeup, caked, ugly clothes, out of shape, bad at sports, fag. Here is just a taste of some of the things teens say to put their peers down.
The silence and the stigmas that surround mental health makes this place that much darker, and that much scarier. If we open up the conversation, we can ease the guilt and shame that comes with having a mental illness  --  it's as if battling with your own mind wasn't already hard enough.
There's a serious gap in the health-care system when it comes to treating patients with obsessive compulsive and related disorders. And limited knowledge is to blame. Most community doctors aren't fully informed on the ways to diagnose and treat OCD and related disorders, and patients are often going undiagnosed for years.
They'll reap so many benefits.