All India Bakchod Weighs In On The Net Neutrality Debate

Comedy superstars AIB have lent their considerable weight to the Net Neutrality debate, and their video couldn’t be better timed, as it comes with less than two weeks before TRAI’s deadline for the consultation paper.

As you would expect, they’re leaning very much on the side of internet freedom, explaining the enormity of debate in layman’s terms. “Right at this very moment, Indian telecom companies are lobbying the Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India to enact a regulation in a way that will change the way Indians are using the internet forever.” says Tanmay Bhat in the video.

The 9-minute video explains why you should care about net neutrality, and digs into some of the more egregious points in TRAI’s consultation paper, quoting from a Medianama report on how data usage is making more revenue for Airtel every quarter. It ends with a link to, which has a pre-written response to the 20 questions in the TRAI consultation paper which can be mailed to


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