15 Brilliant Indian Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Immediately

India ranks 5th in the list of countries that visit Instagram the most, according to, a company that provides commercial web traffic data.

Their research also shows that 4.2 percent of the visitors coming to the website are from India (although it does not state if these are only Indians).

And it's no surprise either: Once you cut through the Instagram crowd's giant selfie obsession, there's a lot of great posts from Indians out there that can help you plan your vacation or inspire a DIY fashion makeover or even help you plan a weekend dinner in any city. Here are 15 amazing Indian instagram accounts you need to follow immediately.

If you're in Mumbai, and a giant foodie, MunchyMumbai's your man Friday:

Delhi-based photographer Ravi Choudhary, who is working with a national daily, features some amazing portrait work.

Foodie Amrita Kaur first does cooking workshops and then clicks pictures. One couldn't ask for a yummier job...

I'm having a Mangover 😂 #SummerIsLove #Ratnagiri #Alphonso #JeevanSafal #MangoLove

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Photographer Prashanth Vishwanathan always attempts to paint a picture of reality.

For all those who know my sleeping habits! Just reading this have me some hope! During campaigns, Napoleon was a whirlwind of energy, galloping from place to place, poring over maps, and pondering strategy. He would go days without changing clothes or lying down for a full night’s sleep. But he had the ability, as many great leaders do it seems, of being able fall asleep at the drop of a hat. This ability was likely a product of his supreme confidence. Napoleon could sleep like a baby right before battle and even when cannons were booming nearby. As they have been proven to do by modern science, Napoleon’s naps staved off the fatigue which stalks those who skip a whole night’s sleep. Then, when the storm of battle was over, the general would sleep for an eighteen hour stretch.

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#Repost @undp_ ・・・ India: every day, 650 students eat lunch at the Ramakrishna Mission’s Students’ Home in Chennai, a residential school taking in orphaned and destitute boys - rice is served using an innovative solar steam cooking system. As part of our partnership with India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, we helped this 109-year-old charitable institution invest in a solar heating system that could fuel its kitchens, replacing fossil fuel with a clean, alternative source of energy captured from the sun. With this technology, the Ramakrishna Mission’s Students’ Home has been able to halve consumption of liquefied petroleum gas, reducing expenditure by about US$ 8,000 every year. We help promote and develop a viable and strong market for solar concentrators in the country, in order to reduce or replace the use of conventional fuels that degrade the environment for a brighter, more sustainable future! // ©UNDP India/@PrashanthVishwanathan

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Travel photographer Abhinav Singhai.

Pinwheel -Damdama Lake | One of the largest lake, and reservoir of Haryana #haryana #india #lake #astrophotography

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Crowd #jamamasjid #lonelyplanetindia

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Vivita Relan and Avneet Mann who are the brains behind Delhi-based store The Wishing Chair feature a bunch of whimsical, artsy photographs and creatively-styled illustrations.

#wednesdaywhimsy at the office! #clippycat #doodles #pegs #justfoolingaround #noboundaries #braingonewild

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Love Sundays!

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Travel photographer Jitendra Singh who lives between Shimla and New Delhi. His instagram feed is a mix of landscapes and portraits.

Somewhere in Ladakh, India #ladakh #india #indiantravelphotographer #indian_travel_photographer #jitensmail #jitendrasingh #jitendra_singh

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Mumbai-based artist and product designer Krsna Mehta's instagram feed is a must stop for design and pattern lovers:

Wednesday morning happiness ...

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Geometric pop ! #flooring

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Twenty-two year-old Shreya Katuri devotes her time to finding eclectic matchboxes as part of her plan to bring Indian pop art to the front:

There's plenty out there for fashionistas too:

Akanska Redhu:

It's an @stylebyand kinda day today. Wednesday!! #akanksharedhu

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A happy Sunday! With a bottle of @chandonindia (or two) on the beach! #akanksharedhu

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Aayushi Bangur:

#IAmCommitted to always be a work in progress.

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Sonam Kapoor's sister, and stylist Rhea Kapoor provides a fashionable sneak peak into the actress's life every now and then:


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Meanwhile Bombay Bhukkad provides some great culinary insights:

Asif Khan's black and white mood shots feel like an outsider's view into a strangers life:

Siddhartha Joshi believes in telling the real stories of people:

#TellMeYourDream2015 What is your dream? . "People usually have dreams of becoming someone in life, for me there is no time anymore. I don't have a dream now." . Bhau Lembe is a fifty-five years old farmer in Purushwadi and has lived here all his life. He studied till second grade and then left school when his father passed away, to contribute to the family's income. At that time he was young so his main job was to look after the cattle and take them for grazing. He has four sons and one daughter, and two of his sons area still unmarried. Getting them married is priority right now. ---------- This is a part of a 365 days project to collect dreams and I call it 'Tell me your Dream'. One dream, each day. It's an open initiative and everyone is welcome to share a portrait with a story for a feature here. The portrait could be yours or a stranger. You can mail me at Or tag me in an image and we can take it forward from there. 11th May 2015

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