'Labels Are For Cans, Not For People': Coke's Ramzan-Inspired Ad Will Bring A Lump To Your Throat

Last year, Coca Cola's Ramzan ad caught everyone'e attention with its inspiring central theme of following your heart.

This year too they've come up with a campaign (H/T @Gunmaster_G9) that urges you to be more accepting of people and not judge them by their appearance.

The advertisement opens with this message:

It takes 7 seconds to build a prejudice based on someone's appearance.

The scene then switches to 6 strangers who are seated across each other for dinner in complete darkness, and are asked to talk to each other. One guy says he plays heavy metal, one person in the group imagines him as someone who has long hair and many piercings. Another man claims to have read many books on psychology and behavioural science and is assumed to have a "nerdy" appearance.

However, once the lights come on, there is total mayhem as everyone discovers that their perceptions are completely off. The 'nerd' has face tatoos and the heavy musician is bespectacled and dressed conservatively. One of the men at the table even admits that he would never sit and talk to one of the guys, if he had chanced upon him anywhere else, based purely on his appearance.

The most touching experience is a man in a wheelchair who says that he is an extreme-sports athlete, but lets nothing on about his appearance in the dark - everyone at the table appear to be astounded.

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