Baba Ramdev Claims He Has Been Denied The Nobel Prize Because He Is 'Black'

You may not have thought this was possible, but Baba Ramdev could have been the recipient of the Nobel Prize. Only, his skin colour held the not-so-noble Nobel Prize givers back. Also, the image of Baba Ramdev you have in your mind is just an optical illusion. It may not seem so in your eyes, but he is actually 'black'.

Baba Ramdev has now claimed that he was denied the Nobel Prize because he was 'black'.

That apart, he seems to have not heard of the several black political and cultural icons who have been awarded the Nobel Prize in the past.

In an interview given to news channel ETV, Baba Ramdev said that he would have received the Nobel Prize by now if it wasn't for his skin colour.

"If I would have been a fair-skinned person, the Nobel Prize would have been awarded to me by now for my work in the field of yoga. But it has been denied to me because I am black", Baba Ramdev said.

According to an Indiatimes report, Baba Ramdev was speaking at a yoga event in Ranchi, Jharkhand, in presence of the state chief minister.

Naturally, Twitter is having a gala time.


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