How Social Media And Indian Railways Helped A Girl Find Her Mother In 20 Minutes

There are days when social media can be a lovely, lovely place.

Last week, four-year-old Avani Jain got lost at the Nagpur Railway station. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu shared a picture of the child with a Railway Police official on his Facebook page.

The girl was travelling with her mother and family from Nagpur to Bhopal.

Immediately after, several people started sharing the photo on social media--on WhatsApp groups and Facebook. It spread to nearly 200 WhatsApp groups within minutes.

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Within 20 minutes of the picture going viral, the Railway police found the girl's mother Sunaina Jain.

"Thank you sir for your support and you team efforts!! She's my niece and she's got back to home.... Now with her mother and family," wrote Shanky Jain, uncle of Avani on the minister's Facebook page.

At the Nagpur Railway station, Avani got left behind as her mother and her uncle walked ahead on the platform. Avani was then helped by a railway police official.

Her picture was shared on social media groups and soon it reached a WhatsApp group called 'Amche Nagpur'. Avani's relatives came to know that she was with the railway police and immediately found her.

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