Modi's Response To The Orlando Shooting Has Made A Lot Of Indians Very Angry

Late last night, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted out his condolences to the victims and the families of the shooting in Orlando, Florida that left at least 50 people dead and about 53 others injured.

Even though his tweet, similar to what leaders around the world have said following the tragedy, got over three thousand retweets and more than seven thousand people 'favourited' it, others were quick to point one key fact about the deadly shooting.

Indian law is yet to strike down section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, that criminalises "unnatural sex" even if it is consensual, as among two consenting gay partners. Thanks to the discriminatory law and cultural bias against the LGBTQ community in India, there are stories of routine suffering and humiliation. Even though some members of the ruling BJP government have claimed they would support the decriminalisation of gay sex, other senior political members have called homosexuality a "genetic disorder".

In the past, senior party leaders have unambiguously opposed the right to gay sex, calling homosexuality "unnatural", and even claimed they would "make LGBT youth normal". The LGBTQ community has lashed out against the BJP for its double-speak.

The shooting took place in a gay nightclub in Orlando, reportedly because the shooter was angry seeing two gay men kissing on a previous occasion. This finds no mention in PM Modi's tweet.

A lot of Indians responded to his message, asking him to scrap section 377.

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