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21 Indian Instagram Accounts You Should Definitely Follow In 2016

21 Indian Instagram Accounts You Should Definitely Follow In 2016

Earlier, this article erroneously featured India Pictures (second in the list) twice. This has now been corrected to include Delhi-based photographer AJ Raina as the 19th Indian Instagram account to follow in this list.

This year has been a particularly colourful one for those who follow photographer George Koruth, aka 'fotobaba' on Instagram. Looking to build a descriptive narrative of India, Koruth has captured some unbelievably vivid scenes across the country that will make viewers want to drop everything and go on an exploring binge.

Once you untangle yourself from the mass of selfies and dubsmash videos crowding the app, there are some veritable gems – few already discovered, and others waiting to be be found. A few months ago Anusha Yadav's project titled 'Indian Memory Project' -- an ongoing attempt to present Indian history through archived content in the form of photographs and letters was featured on the New Yorker's Instagram account. Her personal feed – she goes by the alias 'photowaali' also contains some statement portraiture.

Designer Krsna Mehta features some iconic design patterns, while New Delhi-based Chandan Khanna uses only his iPhone to capture some stunning portraits of people.

Instagram's exponential growth in the country this year (its userbase has, according to the app's latest survey, doubled in India) has opened people's eyes to the beauty that's part of our country - in its fashion, food, travel, sketches, portraits and more.

While there's no doubt that there are many more to be found, here are some Instagram feeds you need to follow.

Mumbai-based photographer Anusha Yadav uses (mostly) people, with a rich mix of cats to tell her tales:

Pyaar ho to aisa. Aur sirf sardiyon mein.

A photo posted by Anusha Yadav (@photowaali) on

Sourced from different feeds, this particular account showcases photographs from around India in a beautiful, yet realistic light:

Barely out of his teens, self-taught baker and food blogger Shivesh has a way with desserts:

Dreams are made of chocolate and Oreos 🍫🍪🙌🏻

A photo posted by Shivesh (@shivesh17) on

An eye for colour, George Koruth has painted many a vivid picture of India:

#GoGoa - Reflection Vs Reality. #VisitGoa #Goa #beach #India #travel #fotobaba

A photo posted by George Koruth (@fotobaba) on

It's safe to say that few follow the Indian art scene on Instagram quite as well as artist and photographer Dayanita Singh:

#museumoflegs #ursstahel #museumbhavan #delhisultanate

A photo posted by Dayanita singh (@dayanitasingh) on

This photographer chances upon the surreal every now and then:

Delhi Street Art, a project to celebrate art and artists, gave birth to a full-fledged event that now takes place every year:

Delhi-based photographer Ravi Choudhary, who is working with a national daily, features some amazing portrait work.

Artist Bala Murugan is still waiting to be discovered for his stunning illustrations:

My art.

A photo posted by Bala Murugan (@bala.murugan.9693) on

Travel photographer Abhinav Singhai does these unbelievable things with skies.

Merry go round over Solang Valley

A photo posted by Abhinav Singhai (@abhinavinsta) on

The design director of India Circus, Mumbai-based artist and product designer Krsna Mehta's Instagram feed is a must stop for design and pattern lovers:

Magnified Indian block print ❤️

A photo posted by Krsnaa Mehta (@krsnaamehta) on

In her quest to collect eclectic matchboxes across the country, Shreya Katuri has uncovered some interesting angles about the country.

A refreshing account, @windowseatproject shares stories of people, imagination and magical train rides. Personally, I've never been an aisle person, and if you aren't either, then take my advice on this and follow them! {This is not sponsored. I genuinely love them and if you long to experience train rides often, then don't think twice.} I never really got down to sharing the story behind what happened that day in a small village/ town called Dhola Mazra. I'll try making it short. In August, while on my way to Amritsar, my train suddenly came to a halt. There were about 8 bombs planted by locals on the track in front of us. Farmers were agitating against the government on subsidy issues that particular week. What's interesting is that I didn't panic, I didn't get scared. Call me insensitive, but I was excited, I was curious to get down the train and explore the fields, walk on the tracks and run into the village, and I did just that. We had no food nor water, no network either. I got 6 matchboxes, random conversations with strangers and chilling time with le madre. Adventure, travel and good conversation - what more could you want for a perfect story? 🚂 I think we've all always wanted to do that. Train rides make you introspect, not only about yourself or co-passengers but also about others - people in other cities, the farmer on the motorcycle, the lady in the field or that one hut which can be spotted in the middle of the field --> I've always tried to picture the family inhabiting it, I'm sure you've done it too. This experience is always going to be memorable for me because for once, I wasn't inside, but actually got myself to the other side. #windowseatproject #indianrailways

A photo posted by India's Matchbox Labels (@artonabox) on

Travel photographer Jitendra Singh who lives between Shimla and New Delhi has a feed that is a mix of landscapes and portraits.

New Delhi-based photojournalist Chandan Khanna's speciality lies in capturing social portraiture with only his iPhone for his Instagram account.

He probably needs to experiment with more filters, but Bombaybhukkad's crazy variety of the food he's sampled will make you hungry.

Instead of sticking to standard portraits, photographer/wanderer Siddhartha Joshi involves a wide range of subjects from an army of divas to kids at play.

NEW on blog: A photo story from Pune's Diwali markets. Link to the story in profile. #HappyDiwali

A photo posted by #TellMeYourDream2015 (@siddharthajoshi) on

Delhi-based fashion blogger Dimpy Kapur of Delhi Style Blog features a well-shot mix of fashion, food and travelling experiences. Her colleague Aanchal has a quirky eye for accessories, and quite often plays Dimpy's model in shoots.

There's always a story behind Asif Khan's pictures

Photographer AJ Raina who specialises in art photography loves the idea of fusing surrealism into what would have been an ordinary shoot.

Photojournalist Anushree Fadnavis has been travelling in trains for over a decade, and has captured some interesting stories during her many journeys.

Sonam Kapoor's sister and stylist, Rhea Kapoor, provides a fashionable sneak peak into the actress's and her life every now and then:

Can we talk about this bridal party situation please? #hotbridealert #sashsam

A photo posted by @rheakapoor on

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