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As It Happened: Delhi Violence Claims 9 Lives As Mobs Continue Rampage

Two NDTV journalists were brutally beaten up and one journalist from JK24 was shot at in Delhi today as mobs continued rampage.
Paramilitary troops patrol in a riot affected area after clashes erupted between people demonstrating for and against a new citizenship law in New Delhi, India, February 25, 2020. REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui
Danish Siddiqui / Reuters
Paramilitary troops patrol in a riot affected area after clashes erupted between people demonstrating for and against a new citizenship law in New Delhi, India, February 25, 2020. REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui

Delhi continued to burn on Tuesday with the death toll in the communal violence rising to 9. Journalists who were reporting from north east Delhi were brutally attacked for covering the riots. NDTV’s Arvind Gunasekar and Saurabh Shukla, who had to be admitted to hospital for their injuries, were beaten up reportedly because they tried to take videos of a mob burning down a mosque. A journalist from JK24, identified as Akash, received a bullet injury.

As Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal appealed for peace, the Delhi police have told the Ministry of Home Affairs that they don’t have enough forces to take control of the situation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is yet to make a statement.

Violent mobs went on a rampage burning shops and vehicles and violently attacking people in north east Delhi’s Bhajanpura, Chandbagh, Yamuna Vihar, Maupur and Ashok Vihar. Videos from the area showed smoke billowing out as the arson continued.

7.50 pm: ‘Up to India,’ says Trump on CAA

When asked if he discussed the incidents of violence taking place during his visit here, Donald Trump said that he didn’t discuss individual attacks with Modi and “that is up to India”.

The US President also said he discussed the issue of religious freedom with Modi. “We did talk about religious freedom. Prime Minister Modi wants people to have religious freedom in India...If you look back India has worked hard for religious freedom,” Trump said.

To a question about India’s new citizenship law, he said, “I don’t want to say anything on CAA. It is up to India. I hope it will take the right decision for its people.”

6:30 pm: Mosque Set On Fire In Ashok Vihar, Hanuman Flag Placed On It: Report

A report by Naomi Barton of The Wire says that a a mosque was set on fire in Ashok Vihar on Tuesday and a Hanuman flag was put on top of it.

The report said that while shops around the mosque were looted, a mob paraded around the mosque shouting “Jai Shri Ram” and “Hinduon ka Hindustan”.

Read the full report on The Wire.

6:15 pm: Lawyers For Detainees Say AAP MLAs Are Refusing Assistance

Lawyers For Detainees (Delhi) said in a statement that Delhi MLAs including Ram Niwas Goel, Atishi, Somnath Bharti and Raghav Chadha completely avoided to engage with the violence. The statement said, “We are appalled by the complete avoidance of the issue by the newly-elected Delhi government and strongly condemn the inaction on their part.”

5:54 pm: Legal Action Will Be Taken Against Miscreants

Meanwhile, Special CP Satish Golcha told ANI that they would “detain miscreants” and “legal action” will be taken against them.

5.32 pm: Don’t have adequate forces to control violence: Delhi Police

The Delhi Police told the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) that it did not have adequate forces to immediately control the violence that hit parts of Delhi, officials told PTI.

This comes even as the Home Ministry has said there was no need to bring in the army.

5.20 pm: Death toll climbs to nine

GTB Hospital authorities told PTI that the death toll rose to nine on Tuesday. Four people were declared brought dead by doctors at the hospital on Tuesday and thirty-five injured people were also brought to the hospital, the authorities added.

3:40 pm: Journalist Shot, Taken To GTB Hospital, Says Reports

Latest reports from north east Delhi say that a journalist from JK24, who was reporting from Maujpur.

Twitter user Shantasree Sarkar identified the journalist as Akash. He is now at the GTB hospital.

3:01 pm: NDTV Journalists Beaten Up For Trying To Film Mosque Being Set On Fire

Now, several other journalists are tweeting saying Arvind Gunasekar and Saurabh shukla of NDTV were beaten because they were trying to

2:28 pm: Two NDTV Journalists Beaten Up

NDTV’s Nidhi Razdan tweeted saying two journalists of the TV channel were beaten up.

2:20 pm: SOS Messages Coming Out Of Delhi Yamuna Vihar, Shiv Vihar

Desperate SOS messages were made by several residents of Delhi’s Yamuna Vihar and Ashok Nagar.

Tweets said mobs were roaming the streets asking Delhi police for help. Here are some of the tweets

1:41 pm: More Journalists Say They’re Not Being Allowed Into Maujpur

More tweets from journalists show that they are not being allowed into areas like Maujpur and Brahmapuri where arson is taking place. Gulam Jeelani reported he was threatened for being Muslim.

1:25 pm: Videos From Yamuna Nagar Shows Billowing Smoke, Arson

Mobs with sticks and stones were doing the rounds of Yamuna Vihar, tweeted BBC correspondent Yogita Limaye. As had been reported by journalists this morning, Limaye said that they were being stopped from filming or approaching the area.

1:20 pm: Armed Mobs Still Present In Maujpur

Armed mobs were seen going towards Maujpur from Gokulpuri, tweeted HT journalist Abhishek Dey. His tweets showed fires still burning in the area.

The Fire Department also reportedly said that they will only attend distress calls if cops provide protection.

1:06 pm: Everyone Wants Violence Stopped, Says Arvind Kejriwal

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, after meeting Home Minister Amit Shah, that everyone wants peace.

Kejriwal said, “Everyone wants that the violence be stopped. The Home Minister had called a meeting today, it was a positive one. It was decided that all the political parties will ensure that peace returns to our city. ”

1:01: Shah Meets Kejriwal

12:40 pm: One More Brought To GTB Hospital With Gunshot Wounds

12:35 pm: Shah To Meet Kejriwal

NDTV reported that Home Minister Amit Shah will meet Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, the Lieutenant Governor and representiatves of political parties at noon over the riots.

12:20 pm: Visuals From North East Delhi

What Has Happened So Far

Riots broke out in Delhi on Monday as mobs went on a rampage through many areas of north east Delhi. Police had to resort to firing tear gas shells and lathicharge, said reports.

Photos and videos from the area, that continued come in over night showed shops burning, there were religious places that were set on fire by what seemed like Hindu mobs.

Several first person reports by journalists showed how even they were threatened by the mob and asked not to report what the Hindus were doing.

In Times of India Anindo Chattopadhyay writes, “A youth accosted me and asked, “Bhai, tu zyada uchhal raha hai. Tu Hindu hai ya Musalman? (Brother, you are acting very smart. Are you a Hindu or a Muslim?)” They threatened to take off my pants to confirm my religion. I then folded my hands and said I was just a lowly photographer. They then gave me a few threats, but let me go.”

Vijayta Lalwani writes for, “Several men in the crowd were armed with metal rods and sticks made of wood and bamboo. One man brandished a sword. The police stood 200 metres away, choosing not to act against them.”

Meanwhile, Kejriwal urged the Centre to restore law and order in the national capital. Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal instructed Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik to ensure the situation was brought under control.

“Very distressing news regarding disturbance of peace and harmony in parts of Delhi coming in. I sincerely urge Hon’ble LG n Hon’ble Union Home Minister to restore law and order n ensure that peace and harmony is maintained. Nobody should be allowed to orchestrate flagrations (sic),” Kejriwal tweeted.

This article exists as part of the online archive for HuffPost India, which closed in 2020. Some features are no longer enabled. If you have questions or concerns about this article, please contact