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These Are The Funniest Tweets From Desi Twitter In 2016

Ending 2k16 on a funny note.

2016 has been a bit of a downer, for India and for the world too. We welcomed 2k16 with open arms and big smiles, full of new dreams and hopes. But the days, weeks and months wore on and the news -- some good, some not so good and some really bad -- dimmed our initial hope and fervour.

Now the year comes to a close and everyone has just one thing to say...

And absolutely nothing worked.

Amidst all that was going on, we fell back on humour -- a crutch, a balm, a way to step back, take stock and keep marching.

Here's a set hilarious desi tweets on Twitter that kind of sum 2K16 up.

1. <3

This is one of the most fulfilling relationships I've had in in my life

— Bratticus (@bharatunnithan) August 6, 2016


India's new 2000 Rupee notes are amazing. I have actual footage of how the embedded Nano Gps Chip works. Please share widely on whatsapp.

— José Covaco (@HoeZaay) November 11, 2016

3. Lo ab.

Modi just got sick and tired of everyone yelling "DO HAZAAR DO! DO HAZAAR DO!" in his face. So he just responded with "DO HAZAAR LO!"

— GRV (@MildlyClassic) November 15, 2016

4. Would watch.

an indian thriller called "now as you can see" starring a dude called ravi pointing at the screen giving a powerpoint presentation for 3 hrs

— crapo (@Creepowoman) May 16, 2016

5. Both are trippy.

Coke Studio

— Shan (@klpe) August 29, 2016

6. Same.

7. :(

Yaha logo ka roka ho raha hai, aur mere sath ab bhi dhoka ho raha hai.

— BeingNita (@VinithaShetty) April 17, 2016

8. Just Indian things.

Hollywood - And the Oscar goes to

Bollywood - And the Sansui Colors Stardust Pan Parag Amba TMT Saria AsliMasaleSachSachMDHMDH Award goes to

— adrak (@ubercoolosis) January 10, 2016

9. Mere paas Sushma hai.

Brother I cannot help you in matters of a Refrigerator. I am very busy with human beings in distress.

— Sushma Swaraj (@SushmaSwaraj) June 13, 2016

10. Mommy things.

[my family stranded in desert w/o food]

[kind stranger finds, feeds us]

Me: thank you 🙏

Dad: thank you 🙏

Mom: yeh roti mein to maida hai

— Abhishek Madan (@abhishekmadan) January 3, 2016

11. Same.

I have only seen people underwhelmed or overwhelmed, never whelmed properly.

— Biswa Kalyan Rath (@kalyanrath) May 7, 2016

12. Zzzzzz...

13. Yes, pls.

Pagli pyaar ho jaayega.

— Shantanu Basrur (@thefuzzface) July 24, 2016

14. Brutal.

No I'll still not act

— dorku (@Dorkstar) February 19, 2016

15. Cannot unnotice.

Every time R Ashwin comes on to bowl, I picture him first taking off a Cognizant/Infosys ID card from his neck and handing it to the umpire

— Bratticus (@bharatunnithan) April 9, 2016

16. Maine apne pacchis saal ke career mein aisa chamatkar nahi dekha.


Doctor comes out of operation theatre after 3 hours

"Mubarak ho, light aa gayi"

— Bakwas Rider (@BakwasRadio) May 26, 2016

17. Ekdum same.

My attitude towards most things in life in one GIF

— Sahil Rizwan (@SahilRiz) June 30, 2016

18. Honest Bollywood songs.

Didi tera dewar deewanaaaa

Haye ram kudiyon ko kare sexually harass under the garb of archaic tradition giving his actions legitimacy.

— Peglet (@PedestrianPoet) April 8, 2016

19. GhaMasaan.

"Tu kisi MonoRail si guzarti hai. Main kisi jhuggi sa thartharata hoon"

— Raunak (@MeraHandle) March 8, 2016

20. Iconic.

Throwback to the day this dog didn't let a MSEB guy take meter reading so he took photo of the dog instead.

— Denver Ka Dhakkan (@tantanoo) August 19, 2016

21. Sabse upar hamesha.

Sharmaji ka beta

— Wild Child (@ClassicallyWild) May 23, 2016

22. Kehdiya you're my Sonia.

When you are trying to concentrate, but guys in the back sing 'Keh do na Keh do na, You are my Sonia'.

— TheWeirdIndianGirl (@ZohaShaikh2105) August 4, 2016

23. Himmatwala.

If @ajaydevgn was a bird.

— डि.के. (@itsdhruvism) August 10, 2016

24. Very smart.

You know what makes for a great surprise party?

Announcing it in a newspaper.

— Sorabh Pant (@hankypanty) February 25, 2016

25. Let that sync in.

iPhone auto backup

— Sandhya Ramesh (@sandygrains) July 31, 2016

26. UGH.

If we have to select one thing that we Indians make the best in the world, it has to be the glue for stickers on steel vessels.

— Soumya (@soumyaBha_t) January 25, 2016

27. Always.

28. Legend.

the capital of Boman Irani is Bmuscat Tehrani

— Rega Jha (@RegaJha) February 22, 2016

29. Cannot unsee.

30. Best.

Hehe one Bengali friend pressed Ctrl + B to paste.

— izzy (@abcdefu) April 30, 2016

31. Relatable.


Me: 2 extra chilli flakes dena

Delivery Guy: 5 lijiye sir 2 se kya hota hai

Me: 2 oregano dena

DG: Meri laash par se guzarna hoga

— adrak (@ubercoolosis) September 28, 2016

32. Every mom ever.

You are the writer of your own story. Your mom is the editor.

— LordAnusHahaha (@TheVacuumHead) June 12, 2016

33. That dedication tho.

Lara's face

Lara: OMG I just swallowed saltwater! Im going to hurl!

Director: Keep acting!

Lara: Oh, the passion!

— Bollywood Bakwaas (@Bollybakwaas) August 2, 2016

34. Pls.

Gabbar:nach basanti

Veeru:basanti in kutton k samne mat nachna

G:basanti nach

V:naaai basanti mat nachna

G:basanti naaach

Basanti:untag me

— Bakwas Rider (@BakwasRadio) April 12, 2016

35. Salary kitni hai?

A group of relatives is called an interrogation.

— amrtsh (@floydimus) January 5, 2016

36. Yep.

Proof that Kerala is one of the most literate states in India.

— Abhishek Madan (@abhishekmadan) February 25, 2016

37. Every goddamn time.

Me : *finally settles into bed*

Bladder :

— Luv (@IamLuvK) November 27, 2016

38. Chor!

Always thought the #StrangerThings logo looked familiar. Vada sambhar lent me some serious perspective.

— Vijesh Rajan (@SimplyPuttu) August 24, 2016

39. Just Ranveer things.

40. Bhaiyya yeh dono side xerox kardena.

Welcome to Digital India. Bring a photocopy duly attested.

— samit basu (@samitbasu) November 12, 2016

41. Tax pe tax, parag tax!

They forgot to add the Saali Bhookhi tax

— Cathartic Screams (@Just_Screams) October 21, 2016

42. We are safe.

[Zombie Apocalypse in India]

Zombie 1 - Lets eat people.

Zombie 2 - I am a vegetarian.

Zombie 3 - Bhai mein toh Jain hun.

— First Last (@RoastedPapad) October 23, 2016

43. Lol'd.

Idli sambar

Vada sambar

Plain dosa

Masala dosa

Set dosa

Paper dosa

Lemon rice

Curd rice

Sambar rice.


— Anurag (@unurag) October 5, 2016

44. Are you an SS warrior?

WhatsApp: We added end to end encryption so no one else can read your chats

Everyone: *posts chat screenshot online*

WhatsApp: what the bhen

— 🤓 (@krazyfrog) September 13, 2016

45. 2016 in a picture.

Sudarshan pattanaik paying a tribute to 2016

— frootifer (@Oinkoo) December 18, 2016

46. Best cure.

[patient has headache/cancer/AIDS]

Relative: Dawa ?

70's Bollywood Doc: Aap inhe lekar kuch dinon ke liye kisi hill-station pe chale jaaiye

— adrak (@ubercoolosis) March 8, 2016

47. Transformer.

When you live alone with your husband & your father-in-law gives a surprise visit..

— Arjun (@zoomphatak) November 21, 2016

48. WUT.

nothing can escalate this quick..

— Arun Lal (@dhaikilokatweet) September 17, 2016

49. Noooooooo.

Calculation went wrong 😭

— Godman Chikna (@Madan_Chikna) August 26, 2016

50. Captain cool.

Sakshi: surprise me

Dhoni: *throws Ziva into the cradle without looking*

— Sense of tumor (@dashhtweets) October 27, 2016

51. :O

This is weird and my mind is on a roller coaster ride from past 10 minutes.

— हम्बल-फूल (@shutchup) November 21, 2016

52. Jugaad.

Facebook is not all that bad.

— Madhura (@PunsTurnMeOn) December 12, 2016

53. Bilkul.

Pehle istmaal kare fir vishwasghaat kare.

— Shakti Shetty (@Shakti_Shetty) June 14, 2016

54. Emo, kaam kare sirf 6 second mein.

When your day goes from bad to worse

— ☭ kit kAt (@anj_rajan) August 3, 2016

55. Same to same.

56. Damn.

so why is your dad's name Jackie? wait, don't answer that.

— POST MALLU (@nah_im_abdulla) July 29, 2016

57. Iconic.

Melania Trump constantly looks like she's seen you somewhere but can't remember where.

— 🤓 (@krazyfrog) July 20, 2016

58. No no no!

59. Yeah.

60. Swipe right.

61. Crushed.

62. You're the selfie stick of your own destiny.

63. Akele akele.

•Having Food in Restaurant.

Tax: Bhai akele akele?

•Watching a Movie.

Tax: Bhai akele akele?

•Having a drink.

Tax: Bhai akele akele?

— Godman Chikna (@Madan_Chikna) September 23, 2016

64. Right in the feels.

65. Buying.

66. lUkin CutE PriYA.

67. Every time.

68. Chal hot.

69. Lmao.

70. Babulaaaal.

71. Nahi karni shaadi.

72. Important question.

73. Batao.

74. *Checks wallet*

75. Restart the modem.

76. Every exam ever.

77. Best.

78. Saviour.

79. Every time.

80. Same.

81. Lol.

82. Amity crowd never disappoints.

83. NSFW.

84. Patriotic.

85. Paan Singh Tomar.

86. Feels.

87. Every Indian home ever.

88. Epic.

89. Lol'd.

90. Me too.

91. Technology.

92. Accurate.

AC repair guys want me to specify the fault to register an online complaint but I can't find an option that says gad gad aawaz aa rahi hai

— N (@ennwhee) August 23, 2016

93. We finally have the answer.

94. WAT

95. Everytime.

*Uber driver reaches girlfriend's elbow*

Uber Driver: Haanji main clitoris pe aa gaya hoon.

— Ashish Shakya (@stupidusmaximus) November 24, 2016

96. Lol.

97. Accurate.

98. Yep.

99. Brutal.

100. Ab Dangal hoga.

Be nice, 2017.

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