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Women In Jamia Millia University's Hostels Have To Follow A Bunch Of Rules That Don't Apply To Men

Shocking discrimination.
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Jamia Millia Islamia University authorities rolled back the deadline for the girl's hostels to 9pm from 10:30pm and has also forbidden girl's from participating in protests against the diktat. According to a report on The Indian Express, the deadline for returning to the hostel was extended to 10-10.30pm from 8pm following protests by women students of the university in March this year.

Speaking to The Indian Express, a spokesperson for the university said that they had taken the decision following complaints from the parents of these adult students. "The 9pm curfew timing is quite generous. It is far more relaxed than at other girls' hostels like in Indraprastha College (IP) and Lady Shri Ram College for Women. If some students don't want any restrictions, they are free to seek accommodation elsewhere. The rule relaxation after the protest was a contingency to put a plug on it," the spokesperson said.

In March this year, several women students of Jamia Millia protested seeking an extension of the deadline of the hostel. Quint reported, following a week-long protest, the university extended the deadline to 10:30pm. One of the protesters had then told the website that though the deadline had been extended, there was no food in the hostel after 10pm and that was of great inconvenience to the women.

A new circular uploaded on Jamia Millia's website lays down 11 rules that women residents of the university's hostels have to follow. Among other elaborate processes of getting permissions from wardens, the circular clearly states no woman will be allowed inside the hostel after 9pm. If a woman takes a 'leave' specifying she is going to travel around NCR, then she won't be allowed to leave after 9pm and enter the hostel before 6am. If a resident cuts short her leave and wants to return, she has to first take permission from the warden.

One of the rules in the circular says, "Absence from the hostel without permission and stay at unauthorised destination will be treated as violation of hostel rules and will result in the cancellation of hostel seat with immediate effect."

Compared to the 11-point hostel discipline manual for women issued for 2018-19, the boy's hostel has one which has been in effect since 2017 The deadline for the boy's hostel is 10 pm. Unlike the girl's hostel, which states women won't be allowed inside after 9pm, the boy's hostel rules say that if a man is returning later than the deadline he has to simply put down the time of arrival in the hostel register and explain the reason for coming late. He does not have to inform the authorities before hand about returning late.

The girl's hostel rules specify that the caretaker of the hostel will take attendance between 9-9:30 pm in the hostel, there is no such rule for the men.

In fact, the stark difference in the way men and women are treated in their respective hostels in Jamia Millia is evident from the number of rules laid down for them. For the girl's hostel, the rules extend to 11 points, for the men's hostel, there are just 5 points.

If women students living in Jamia's hostels have to take an 'out-station leave', the hostel rules demand she provides a copy of the air or rail ticket to the warden while seeking permission. "Residents taking Outstation leave from the hostel are required to submit a copy of air/rail ticket. They must leave the hostel campus before 9.00 pm. In case, the departure of their train/flight is late at night for which they need to leave later than 9.00pm, they are advised to inform the Warden," the manual says.

The manual for the boy's hostel asks the residents to apply for permission on 'prescribed proforma'. The manual doesn't state if the men will have to provide proof of travel like the women's hostel demands.

The women's hostel manual says that residents will be allowed to stay out during weekends and university holidays only at places endorsed by parents and local guardians i.e they have to submit a document where the parents of the student has attested the fact that she will be staying at a certain place over, and the contact details of the place has to be provided to the university. That apart, the manual also issues a strict warning against forging of signatures, something that is absent in the men's hostel manual altogether.

Indian Express reports that apart from the elaborate new rules, the hostel also demands residents sign an undertaking that says the following: "I will not indulge in any protest or signature campaign against hostel rules, regulations or timing."

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This article exists as part of the online archive for HuffPost India, which closed in 2020. Some features are no longer enabled. If you have questions or concerns about this article, please contact