2019 election

From its failure to adequately address concerns about VVPATs and EVMs to failure to take action against top politicians in response to complaints of violation of the Moral Code of Conduct—the EC has courted controversy for multiple reasons this time.
The former Prime Minister also claimed in an exclusive interview with PTI that demonetisation was the "biggest scam" in independent India.
Campaigning ended for phase 5 of Lok Sabha polls on Saturday evening on an acrimonious note.
While many candidates accused of heinous crimes contest elections, no political party supports the voting rights of India's prisoners--a vast majority of whom are undertrials.
PM Modi's supporters never seem to want to take their masks off while cameras are rolling, writes Parvis Ghassem-Fachandi in a new book.
Fake news, communally-charged content and outright hate speech has plagued the 2019 election.
The world’s biggest democratic exercise is a referendum on one man.
The UP CM, say Shia leaders, is damaging all the efforts made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reach out to the community.