The US president-elect also nominated Avril Haines to serve as the director of national intelligence. She would be the first woman to do so if confirmed.
"I have always strived to do what is right,” GSA administrator Emily Murphy said in a letter to the president-elect on Monday.
The president-elect will reportedly tap the longtime adviser to helm the troubled State Department, where he previously served in the second-highest job.
Yet another loss for the Trump campaign, which is attempting to overturn the results of the election in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
"We have miles of people waiting in lines who aren’t eating. We're not" funding transition costs, "don’t ask again. I thought you were different," writes Twitter critic.
The president's son has tested positive for COVID-19, according to multiple news organizations.
From trying to deny votes from being counted in majority Black cities to pushing to disenfranchise entire states to lying about having won, it’s all out in the open.
'Al-Jazeera' said Biden-Harris administration would not look away from human rights issues and 'The Wall Street Journal' also noted Biden will "probably be tougher than Trump on Indian human-rights problems".
Several world leaders congratulated Biden on his win, and several GOP lawmakers have called him the president-elect.
The former first lady shared her thoughts on the president refusing to concede and implored him "to honor the electoral process."
His tweets pushing blatant falsehoods are labeled as simply "disputed."
The president-elect said wearing a mask is "patriotic" and discussed his need to access President Donald Trump's COVID-19 vaccine distribution plans.
The US president made a cameo appearance in the festive sequel back in 1992.
It's not what the US president is reportedly telling people right now.
Trump said he was the "Golden Goose" that got Fox News high ratings. Now he's turning his base against the network that accurately called Joe Biden the next president.
There are fears the outgoing US president is undermining national security as Joe Biden's transition faces delay.
The longtime Democratic adviser is a consensus pick in the Democratic Party.
The outgoing president is purging agencies to expand his influence, and Biden's team can do little to limit Trump's behavior toward Iran, Afghanistan and more.
“It may be that U.S. marshals have to come take the president out,” Frank Figliuzzi says.
Donald Trump’s son tweeted a graphic without comment. Critics had plenty to say.