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“After ‘Dangal’, I thought everybody would be excited about casting me. That didn’t quite happen,” says the actor, who’ll next be seen in Anurag Basu’s ‘Ludo’ and Abhishek Sharma’s ‘Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari’.
The filmmaker reflects on the struggle to get 'Rang De Basanti' cleared from the power corridors of Delhi, changing the film's climax last minute, and if he can make a film as anti-establishment as RDB today.
Dalits are often invisibilised in Hindi cinema, and even when they appear on screen, they are shown as powerless, wretched or dependent upon the patronage of the social elites.
The Producers' Guild has set up a relief fund for junior technicians who are likely to suffer the most amidst the Coronavirus lockdown.
The actor reflects on Taare Zameen Par, the euphoria that followed and how his relationship with fame has evolved.
Khan had a very specific strategy to convince himself of doing what would become his biggest commercial success.
Last year, Khan said he'd be stepping away from a movie because the director was accused of sexual harassment. Now, he says he "feels differently".
Nandita Dutta's new book 'F-rated: Being a Woman Filmmaker in India' explains why Aamir Khan was in tears on the first day of the shoot while working with Kiran Rao.
The actress said she was embarrassed to beat Alia Bhatt in a recent poll of best actors.
Kumar also said that India did not need Muslims youths like Ajmal Kasab.