The Delhi government has blamed the spike in coronavirus cases on the festive season, increase in air pollution and winter.
The court said Delhi government has gone completely haywire on the pandemic.
Kejriwal requested Prakash Javadekar to hold monthly meetings with the Chief Minsters of Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to curb pollution.
The staff at the Covid dedicated hospital has been protesting over non-payment of salaries.
The Opposition has boycotted the remaining session of the Rajya Sabha.
On Tuesday morning while deputy chairman Harivansh offered tea to the protesting MPs, they refused, so now he is going on a one-day fast.
Former Facebook data scientist Sophie Zhang said she had found a “politically-sophisticated network of more than a thousand actors working to influence the election.”
Political leaders, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg and actor Sonu Sood extended support to the students and called for the exams to be postponed.
"I genuinely regret any hurt it may have caused, including to my Muslim colleagues in the company," Das wrote in an internal message.
Kejriwal government failed to utilise the time of the lockdown — when spread of the disease was relatively slow — for expanding monitoring and medical care facilities, said Imrana Qadeer.