"The fate of our rights, our freedoms, our health care, our bodies, our lives, and our country depend on what happens over the coming months.”
Britain's parliament voted last year to legalize gay marriage and abortion in the region if the province didn't reestablish its devolved government by October.
If she'd faced an abortion ban like the one in Alabama, "I would have ended up dead," the Australian comedian and star of Netflix's "Nannette" said.
Twitter's Jack Dorsey, fashion designer Diane Von Furstenburg and more signed the ad that declares equality in the workplace is "one of the most important business issues of our time."
Women are as fired up as ever in the wake of several states passing sweeping anti-abortion laws.
The "Game of Thrones" and "Harry Potter" stars called out the law with scathing Instagram posts.
Busy Philipps asked people to share their abortion stories using the hashtag #YouKnowMe
Busy Philipps asked people to share their abortion stories using the hashtag #YouKnowMe
Actress Busy Philipps asked people to share their abortion stories on Wednesday using the hashtag #YouKnowMe.
The "Good Place" actress called the ban "upsetting, inhumane, and blatantly demonstrative of a hatred of women."
The bill, which will now go to the governor’s desk, would ban abortion in almost all cases.
The activist has gotten some backlash from critics who say her proposed tactic to protest restrictive anti-abortion laws misses the point.
Trump's Supreme Court nominee defended his support of Priests for Life on the third day of his hearing.
The Irish public have voted overwhelmingly in favour of repealing the country’s ban on abortion.  The final results from
More than two-thirds of voters backed legalising abortion, two exit polls project.
When Kevin Williamson was fired by The Atlantic on Thursday afternoon, the Twittersphere lit up with mournful statements
On Dec. 16, 2011, my 27th birthday, my husband and I excitedly went in for our big mid-pregnancy ultrasound, happily expecting
This was with reference from a seven-member medical board.
The 46-year-old law is among the most liberal in the world, but that's cold comfort to women facing life-or-death situations.