Odisha based activist Soreng was appointed to a six member Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change recently to advise UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. Here she reflects on the true meaning of freedom for adivasi communities.
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi criticised the Narendra Modi government and "sold out media" for letting this slip under the radar.
The rejections of claims could affect millions more vulnerable Adivasis, according to documents accessed by HuffPost India.
India in the last one and a half decades has strenuously strived to 'Eradicate Extreme Poverty' with the adoption of the
The challenge lies in making the community comprehend the necessity to conserve groundwater…
The CM has also initiated legal action against the author.
An initiative in rural Madhya Pradesh is bridging learning gaps through stories.
Shivali village in Palghar district passed a resolution against the practice.
The recent amendments in the Chotanagpur Tenancy Act (1908) by the BJP-led state government only aims to weaken Adivasi land ownership.
The economic exploitation and developmental neglect of the core tribal areas of India's eastern plateau and hills across
A conversation with sociologist Nandini Sundar on Maoists, adivasis and Salwa Judum in Bastar.
Dalits, Bahujan and Adivasis, we know this truth. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the manifestation of our forefathers' and foremothers' dream of freedom. In their honour we believe that in order for our movements to go forward, we must know where we have been.
Something has gone very wrong in the process of the superficial industrialisation of Jharkhand and other mineral-rich states. The socialists would harangue for some sort of "wealth redistribution" as an elixir. Others would vociferously vouch for the "eternal" benefits of laissez-faire policy (trickle- down effect). Almost seven decades post independence, it's safe to assume that both of these possible alternatives have returned miserably.
NEW DELHI -- The Delhi High Court has junked a plea seeking a ban on screening of 'MSG 2: The Messenger' on the ground that
The Santhals of West Bengal are part of a growing silent revolution sweeping rural and underprivileged India: one where rural communities have begun actively working to improve their lot. People have realised that handouts can last only so long, and governments take time to deliver.