animal cruelty

A video, showing two female nursing students beating up the puppies, has also surfaced.
Detectives health department officials also discovered more than 100 dogs living in inhumane conditions.
Except that it’s more victim than aggressor.
Apparently they were misled by Bajrang Dal activists. 
Less than a week after after reports that beloved hippo Gustavito was fatally beaten at an El Salvador zoo by nighttime mystery
Let's make this clear: jallikattu is animal abuse. No reasonable person who is able to step outside their cultural biases
The SC on Thursday refused to pass any verdict on Jallikattu before Saturday.
The Police has initiated action against the accused under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.
Reports of extreme cruelty towards animals, especially dogs have been emerging across the nation for a while.
Studies have shown a proven correlation between abuse of animals and psychopathic tendencies. This shows that individuals
Many people have been conditioned to look at chickens and eggs as nothing more than food, but in reality chickens are intelligent