article 370

A review of two recent CIC orders and interviews with activists show that in Kashmir, an existing RTI system that ensured relatively quicker access to information for local residents has been replaced by a slower process riddled with red tape.
She was put under detention on 5 August last year, the day the government announced the abrogation of Article 370.
The government said 223 people are under detention in Jammu and Kashmir, but 'no one is under house arrest'.
Bhasin, who moved the Supreme Court against the media gag in Kashmir, says that holding the Ram Mandir ceremony on the anniversary of Article 370’s abrogation is a calculated move.
'The Washington Post' said it’s been a year of "upheaval and repression" and The Guardian reported on how the region is "far more volatile, unstable and economically fragile than ever".
Here’s a look at what Kashmir media is reporting exactly one year after Article 370 was abrogated by the Modi govt.
As the Ram Mandir ceremony in Ayodhya begins, rising coronavirus cases, the situation in Kashmir and a tanking economy should have all of us worried.
These changes could transform the struggle for restoring Article 370 into one of retaining the Kashmiri identity.
The curfew will be in force on August 4 and 5.