artificial intelligence

SM Entertainment's announcement of its first all-female act since 2014 is making news for including real and virtual members.
The robot, developed by Japanese researchers, can answer questions and engage in conversation. It previously served as a newscaster.
Artificial intelligence systems can acquire human biases during their machine learning phase. What we need are frameworks to neutralise these biases.
Answering a question in Parliament, IT Minister RS Prasad described deepfakes as a political problem, despite their mostly being used to create porn videos targeting women.
Not just criminals, but the faces of ordinary citizens were at risk, as CopsEye, a phone-based facial recognition application deployed by the Madurai police did not properly secure its database.
As computers are being used to create text, photos and even fake videos, new developments in AI could help spot the fakes that humans can’t detect.
AI is making art, writing plays, and composing music. It can also create code, and this could disrupt India’s $155 billion IT economy.
Hyper personalization through algorithms can lead to a more polarized world, if we don’t take the time to think about this effect.
The shifting future jobscape is a good opportunity for the Indian government to invest in sectors like tourism and handicrafts — sectors that are unlikely to be affected by ML even in the long run.
Whatever abstract visions we do have in mind, the truth is that artificial intelligence and machine learning are no longer the future, they are already part of our present, our everyday lived reality.