The blast put three hospitals out of operation and has left three others working at partial capacity in the middle of a pandemic.
Israa Seblani said the shockwave from the blast nearly blew her off her feet.
Scientists say an influenza strain found in the pigs needs to be watched closely.
Zverev was seen dancing at a crowded club on Sunday despite pledging last week he would be self-isolating.
World Health Organization’s top emergency expert on what every country needs to do to fight the Covid-19.
The rapid rise in new cases are largely being traced back to church services.
Diners are using the #IWillEatWithYou hashtag that encourages people to visit eateries that have suffered following the COVID-19 outbreak.
Braving freezing temperatures, the loincloth-clad men participated in a prosperity rite during the day-long "Hadaka Matsuri" festival.
"There will be dad and mum," Putin said last week during a meeting to discuss changes to Russia’s constitution.
The tennis superstar bested Jessica Pegula at the Auckland Classic.