Comedy Central India’s Facebook page posted a seemingly self-censored clip from 'The Daily Show with Trevor Noah' on Tuesday night.
It’s a sign of the times when the photo of a meat dish is enough to send trolls into a downward spiral.
18-year-old Vikuonuo Sachu, the 2nd runner up of Miss Kohima 2019, made the remarks during a question round the judges.
The beef row has now reached Germany with some Indians, allegedly VHP members, objecting to its sale during a festival organised by the Consulate General of India.
Although reports on protests by Zomato delivery executives have been about beef and pork, pay cuts are just as much a part of the cause for anger. But workers are learning that talking about pay is much less likely to get people to listen.
#Beef4life, #WeLoveBeef and #BeefForLife became the top trends on Twitter as hundreds of people, especially from Tamil Nadu, tweeted in support of the freedom to eat beef.
Selling and eating beef is not illegal in the state.