The series, streaming on MX Player, is critical of majoritarian Hindutva politics but its preachiness blocks out any hope of nuance.
Filmmaker colleagues of Asif Basra, who died this week, remember him as a gentle, thoughtful actor who could be moulded into any part.
Rohena Gera’s film prods our notions of class, the set ways of hierarchy in the world, even in our own homes
Hansal Mehta’s film, streaming on Amazon Prime Video, wants to cash in on Rajkummar Rao's success as a quirky, small-town protagonist but has no real vision.
Peppered with endearing performances by Rajkummar Rao, Abhishek Bachchan and Sanya Malhotra, 'Ludo' has its moments but eventually collapses under its own weight.
The Delhi HC cited the example of Princess Diana to illustrate the harm media interference can cause in the lives of public figures.
The release of ‘Laxmii’ is the perfect time to revisit Akshay Kumar’s slew of political films, in which his character regularly saves the ‘honour’ of the women around him.
While the conversation around gender sensitisation and representation has become increasingly important, Bollywood is still living in a time capsule.
The Shabana Azmi film tries to explore the idea of women perpetuating patriarchal violence, but gives up midway.