B.R. Ambedkar

Unnamati Syama Sundar talks about the political and social landscape of the cartoons archived in 'No Laughing Matter : The Ambedkar Cartoons, 1932–1956', and his own work.
The director opens up about the criticism the film has been facing.
There are many moments in Ilaiah’s memoir, ‘From a Shepherd Boy to an Intellectual’, that speak to anyone looking to sustain a life of reading and writing.
In 'Waiting For A Visa', a short book of reminiscences, Dr B.R. Ambedkar narrates in detail his own experiences of untouchability.
"Are we trying to build a temple or mosque in the village?" Sheetal said. "We are just trying to get married."
Today his name is greeted either by ignorance or lip service.
They took the seven 'pheras' around Baba Saheb’s statute in MP.
Thousands congregated in Jantar Mantar to support its dynamic leader Chandrashekhar.
BJP MP Raj Kumar Saini was speaking on the occasion of BR Ambedkar's birth anniversary.
"Hindu raj must be prevented at any cost," wrote Ambedkar.
The first draw will happen on 25 December and the mega draw on 14 April, the birth anniversary of B R Ambedkar.
"The State shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India." So says Article
Had Mr. Modi said something like, "If you target or attack Dalits, You will not be spared and you will be punished," it would shown more conviction. Instead, the PM chose the melodramatic route of asking the perpetrators to kill him before targeting Dalits. Even with gau rakshaks he “urged” the state government to create a dossier on them rather than commanding them to take strong action.
In the past few weeks, there have been few “newsworthy” incidents of violence against Dalits. But for those familiar with the systematic oppression of Dalits across the country, these instances might not be as “shocking” as they might seem to the consumers of mainstream media. What is different, though, is that these recent incidents have sparked outrage and started a new wave of protests across the country, especially in Gujarat.
While there are arguments all over the world about how a vegetarian diet is good for a long, healthy life, or how it is changing
For the first time, the UN celebrated the birth anniversary of B R Ambedkar with a top official describing the noted Indian