In the 13 years that we’ve lived in our house, our neighbours have remained just neighbours, nothing more, nothing less. For companionship, my Appa has his pigeons, hawks and crows.
Paswan’s political career was an ambitious experiment to find space for an emancipatory agenda in the context of a political establishment openly hostile to Dalit political assertion.
The incident took place in Khurja here on Friday evening and two policemen posted in the area have been suspended, police said
In cases of atrocities against Dalits, the police often implicate the victim’s relatives after the media spotlight goes away.
It was questioned if a brutal crime committed by upper caste Thakurs was even a ‘caste crime’ in the first place.
C. Veluchamy says the Madras High Court verdict has devastated his family, but they have not given up hope of justice.
Hany Babu Musaliyarveettil Tharayil is the 12th person to be arrested in the Elgaar Parishad-Bhima Koregaon case.
Emerging research suggests caste-based losses to companies are similar to those due to a lack of gender and race diversity.