caste system

Would twitter have maintained an impartial, neutral stand if the poster had said, ‘Smash White Supremacy’?
Maratha Kranti Morcha, a rallye for Marathi castes demanding respect of their rights in Mumbai last year. Mhidanesh/Wikimedia
‘The economic-cultural identities of SCs are of four types at least.’
Authorities say it was a programme to promote cleanliness.
The police did not give permission for the protest.
The traditions of village reportedly do not permit such things and they allow only a 'dhol' to welcome the groom.
The National Crime Records Bureau's 2014 crime in India report revealed a variety of disturbing statistics. What I will be
The 28-year-old student had allegedly hanged himself to death at his friend's home in Delhi.
Three manual scavengers died this week in Bangalore, but who cares?
One of the saddest and most overlooked tales in history is the near demise of the Native American population during the late
Prove allegiance to the cause of OBCs, SC/STs by taking action against her, says BJP
"It's 2017 - and we're still encountering discrimination."
"Caste-Based Reservation Must End, It Promotes Separatism"