Caste violence returns a month after CRPF troops were withdrawn.
It is important to remember that atrocities such as the one in Una are not new. They have existed across different political regimes. The Indian National Congress, for example, will have no place to hide if a post-independence analysis on atrocities on Dalits is done. Therefore, a pragmatic approach to integration lies in divorcing the atrocities committed against Dalits with the rule of any particular political party.
I want to question this mystifying line of thought I've seen through in numerous comments on news websites: "Why does it matter that Jisha was Dalit?" Some of this is cloaked in faux concern by people who think we live in a post-caste society. It's a story about every woman in India! Other times, their virulent bigotry comes out. What if she was murdered by a Dalit man? It's time to make this clear. Jisha's caste is absolutely imperative to her life and death.
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