Catholic Church

The images are in stark contrast to those documenting the pontiff's previous blessings.
Tourists won't be allowed to visit the world-famous Catholic pilgrimage site until at least early April.
Lucy Kalapura says her book is an attempt at a fair criticism of the church based on facts. “I am just playing the role of whistleblower.”
Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, who recently wrapped up an investigation of clerical sex abuse in the Diocese of Buffalo, denies that he molested a former altar boy.
Sister Lucy Kalapura has sought to meet Pope Francis to present her case directly.
The parish priest at the Koodathayi church talks about Jolly Joseph, accused of murdering 6 family members, and the Thomas family.
Sister Lucy Kalappura had taken part in a protest seeking the arrest of Franco Mulakkal, a bishop accused of rape.
On Monday, police registered a case against convent authorities following Sister Lucy Kalapura's complaint of illegal confinement.
Sister Lucy Kalapura had been given two letters prior to this, warning her on her “lifestyle” and for challenging the Church for cornering the survivor nun in the rape case against Franco Mulakkal.
As the case against Franco Mulakkal drags on, the six nuns who shook the powerful Catholic Church say they have been isolated from the world and their community.