The 1991 Murder of Editor Shaban Vakil, and the Demise of His Paper Alsafa, Offers a Glimpse of the Perils of Reporting Kashmir
"Just because children read about a boy and girl kissing, they are not going to become promiscuous."
A looming health crisis in the Valley no one talks about.
Moving personal testimonies of life in the valley.
The encounter at Jammu and Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute (JKEDI), Pampore, stands eerily as a metaphor for why development cannot be a panacea for conflict. The encounter which has claimed nine lives, including three militants, is testimony to the nature and denouement of the conflict in and over Kashmir.
A 120-minute film by Muslim scholar and former diplomat Akbar Ahmed, Journey Into Europe, seeks to explore several layers of Muslim-European identity. The film digs out the rich past of Islam in Europe, it unveils the challenges of the present, and in some heart-warming moments it offers glimpses of hope that humanity will prevail.
In 2014, hundreds of children around the world were kidnapped from school or on their way to it while thousands were forcibly recruited by armed groups. As Jonny Cline, CEO of UNICEF Israel, observed: "This year, nightmares came true for too many children..."
Today, we are all responsible for a world in which children become victims of what we have created. We live in an economic system that thrives on conflict. We have built a world in which we vote for governments that invest more in war than in education.