dadri beef rumour

A few days ago, the Indian Prime Minister was busy promoting India as a nation of opportunities to Silicon Valley, urging the corporate giants there to invest in India. Make India digital, he roared. Within hours, Indians responded to their leader by jazzing up their Facebook profile pictures with a tricolour filter. The whole world took notice of a "modern", "upcoming", and "enterprising" India. Around the same time, back home, the other face of India was about to raise its ugly head.
"Further interrogation will reveal the exact sequence of events. The victim's family has alleged it was pre-planned," he
Even as the brutal murder of a 52-year-old Muslim man by a Hindu mob in Uttar Pradesh's Bisada village has sparked outrage
As the National Commission for Minorities (NCM) sought a report from the district administration after a Muslim man was beaten
Beef is taboo for Hindus who hold cows sacred. An AP report said tension prevailed in the village, where nearly 40 percent