Dalit atrocities India

Obama has never disappointed when the nation needed him to address an issue. From school shootings to the Orlando terror attack to incidents of race-related violence, President Obama has visited the sites of crimes, condemned the killings and comforted the relatives of the victims. Modi’s track record is not so impressive.
As India gears up to celebrate 70 years of Independence.
In the name of social justice, opinionated reportage and columns are building up a case against the government in power at the Centre. Let us try and understand the Dalit problem from a dispassionate perspective instead. A perspective that transcends vilification and vindications, and one which is based on sound data and logical arguments.
"They also threatened to kill them if they carried on with their job."
Two Dalit men claim to have been brutally beaten by around 25 people in Maharashtra because they pulled ahead of their motorcycles
NEW DELHI -- In a monstrous episode of brutality, three Dalit teenagers were stripped naked, tied to a tree, and beaten because