Dalit discrimination India

"Are we trying to build a temple or mosque in the village?" Sheetal said. "We are just trying to get married."
In the name of social justice, opinionated reportage and columns are building up a case against the government in power at the Centre. Let us try and understand the Dalit problem from a dispassionate perspective instead. A perspective that transcends vilification and vindications, and one which is based on sound data and logical arguments.
An emotional blog post, “I’m A Dalit But I Think It’s Wrong To Blame The BJP For The Una Assault” appeared recently in the Huffington Post. The article is replete with fallacies, some mischief hidden away among the sentiments expressed, and is also rife with imagined dichotomies that exist only in the domain of political propaganda. I feel compelled to call these out. Before proceeding, I reiterate that I am not a Dalit, nor do I pretend to understand Dalit reality beyond what human empathy allows.
NEW DELHI -- A Dalit family in Tamil Nadu was stopped from using a public road which leads to a burial ground, forcing them
Following a report in The Indian Express, last week, local authorities have intervened to end the horrifying situation in
Radhamma, the head cook at a government school in Karnataka, can only keep her job if she doesn't actually prepare any meals