The 15-year-old girl's family has alleged that she was set ablaze by an uncle and acquaintances of the man who raped her three months ago.
The police have said that it appears to be a case of murder, like they had in the Hathras case.
Paswan’s political career was an ambitious experiment to find space for an emancipatory agenda in the context of a political establishment openly hostile to Dalit political assertion.
In cases of atrocities against Dalits, the police often implicate the victim’s relatives after the media spotlight goes away.
Rekha Raj on the Hathras case and why feminists should understand not just patriarchy but also their own privilege.
BJP leader and former MLA Rajveer Singh Pahalwan held a mahapanchayat of upper caste men at his residence in Hathras.
Ruth Manorama, who founded the Federation of Dalit Women in 1995, discussed the crimes in Hathras, endemic casteism and fighting back.
It was questioned if a brutal crime committed by upper caste Thakurs was even a ‘caste crime’ in the first place.
Photos shared by journalists showed heavy police deployment outside the family's house. A family member said they were not allowed to speak with the media
The woman had returned home later in an autorickshaw with an intravascular cannula inserted in her hand.