Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has blamed the flood on the unscheduled release of water from the Bhakra dam, and asked the Centre for a special package worth Rs 1000 crore.
Key positions at the Bhakra Beas Management Board remain vacant as Modi government drags its feet.
Policymakers, disaster management officials and dam engineers must learn from the devastation in Kerala.
They want the project to start by 2018.
Ambhora is a village that has been abandoned, left to the ghosts. All the people are gone. The houses are breaking and nature is reclaiming the habitation. The village lies on the banks of the Wainganga and in more habitable times, in the not too distant past, boys played cricket and held wrestling matches on the sandy banks. As the water level rose due to the damming of the river families started leaving. Ambhora has not disappeared, yet, but the water is not far away.